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1. Valuable advice from experts

This education center consists of advisors who are education experts in the fields and expert commissioners, a team of experts and experienced staff on studying abroad who will advise students. We will advise students on what to do and how to do it.

2. The right plan for the student’s future

The purpose is not to study abroad but to come back and then come back

It will certainly help in the future. Therefore, it is important to plan accordingly

overseas student. it must be To do this, there should be a suitable plan for

circumstances of each student. Must plan properly with the situation of each study abroad generate and create other suitable programs.

3. Continuity Management

Study abroad service is not the end of boarding a plane to study abroad

We will advise and guide international students when studying abroad.

Career guidance and advice for students. The relationship will be with the education center and strong companions during the study abroad period.

Programs under enrollment

Fukuoka Japanese Language School (Fukuoka Japanese Language School)

Fukuoka Japanese Language School supports families who have hopes and dreams of studying in Japan. Learning is not just learning a language but learning many ideas and cultures of that country. By learning Japanese in school, everyone is educated to know new concepts that will make them strong enough to live anywhere in the world. […]

Fukuoka Foreign Language College – FFLC

Hello, this is SP International Education Center. Currently we are affiliated with Fukuoka Foreign Language College- FFLC. FFLC is a specialized school specializing in foreign language training and international education. We accept students from Japan and other countries around the world. We  live in a world where people from nearly 200 countries integrate and exchange […]


Basic information of the school School name: Unitas Japanese Language School Japanese name: English name: UNITAS JAPANESE LANGUAGE SCHOOL Established: 1970 Address Tokyo Campus 2 Sankyo Bldg.3F, 2-2-9 Okubo, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 169-0072 Address Kofu Campus 宝1-20-22 Kōfu, Yamanashi, Yamanashi, Japan 400-0034 Near Stations: Phone number: 055-233-3835 Website: Mail: Facebook: Kofu Campus Facebook: Tokyo Campus […]

Tongmyong University

The late Dr. Kang Seokjin of Tongmyung School has developed the founding ideology of “Silksagusi” to nurture a talent source who is always diligent and honest with knowledge and engineering practice rather than drawing on long experience in an industrial environment. The university was founded with the educational philosophy of industrial education first. Our university […]


Korea’s first National University was born The school is the training ground for many generations of famous experts and leadership talents, Pusan ​​National University (PNU) is the leading research center in Korea. Panoramic view of Busan​ National University Pusan ​​National University is the first national university with a name and substance for research and education […]


Korean name: 송원대 » English name: Songwon University » Year of establishment: 1951 » Number of students: 1,300 students » Korean language tuition: 1,000,000 KRW/term » Specialized tuition: 2.800.000 – 3,400,000 KRW/term » Address: 365-17 Songha-dong, Nam-gu, Kwangju, South Korea » Website: Songwon University campus Korea Songwon University was established in 1951 as a […]





꙰ “Korea Study Abroad Profile” ꙰

The first step to start studying in Korea is to prepare your application and find a reputable center to process your application before submitting it to a university in Korea. An accurate and complete profile is the first step for you to be able to get into the schools you want. So, if you have […]




There are two types of Korean student visas: Visa D2 and Visa D4. D2 visa (symbol is D-2 visa) Korea is granted by the Korean Embassy in Vietnam, or the Korean Consulate General to candidates who are accepted by a college/university on the Korean side to study a major. specific industry in the formal system. […]




Conditions for studying in Korea are assessed as relatively easy. Almost all of you can study abroad as soon as you graduate from high school. But you still need to learn and prepare carefully. You must meet academic, health and financial standards. Each Korean university has different conditions, but the basic requirements  share some of the […]



The life of international students in Korea

Students who intend to study abroad or are preparing to study abroad in Korea must be curious and curious to know an overview of Korea as well as the life of a Vietnamese international student in Korea. how? The following article SP GLOBAL EDUCATION would like to summarize some basic information to help you understand […]